Game Trayz – Review 

I had gotten my hands on a copy of Terra Mystica a few months back, my game group had started to give it a shot and soon realized it was a bit beyond what we normally played and after having spent nearly an hour on setup we switched abruptly to a different game.

I decided to take it upon myself to really get to know the rules and wrap my mind around the game and while researching had come across a video review for Game Trayz, a game incert which aids in setup. The reviewer was clear and consise and I really enjoyed the review and would recommend giving it a watch. He did however receive them for free and not knowing him personally wasn’t sure how to feel about his raving review.

A free weeks latter I played a 2 player game with my brother and during setup kept on lamenting me not ordering a set, so that night I did. now has several new sets now on preorder including one for Splendor that looks great. I almost ordered one as well but read on the sight that they ship all preorder and in stock items together, so wanting it sooner I decided to wait.

The website in my opinion can be a little clunky feeling, but allot of mobile version can be on my iPhone, but it dose show most products on a scroll down list as soon as it pops up. The set I needed wasn’t on there at the time so it took a me few seconds to find it.

When ordering they give you several color options at an added expense, being low on cash I decided to opt for the least expensive clear set. Ordering  was a breeze and I got a  email confirmation almost emidiatly. They shipped fast, I had actually ordered several gaming accesories from different places and their package arrived the quickest. 

Game Trayz packed them nicely being wrapped in bubble warp to separate the pices and a packaing peanuts to fill in the gaps. They arrived in prestine condition and I was surprised at the quility. I went to work filling them up and was even more elated. I did have a moment of OCD when I realized that the layout of the tiles where different then the manual, but then realized I actually liked them better. 

 EditGame Trayz uses a really neat tilt system so that the pices lay flat but are easily accessible: 



The accesorie trays  are by far my favorite part, I love being able to set one on each side of the table for easy access.  


The lids fit nicely and keep the components firmly in place.  



And last but certainly not least I was pleased that all the component still fit within the original box. I am more than pleased with my purchase and highly recommend this product to anyone. I have to fully agree with the video review accessible on, this is a wonderful product. 

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