Review – Grilluminator BBQ Grill Light

From the packaging (with a few comical texts that where a nice surprise) to just how well the clamp and articulation work, this grill light was a big hit for my family. I had a grill light already that had ended up clamped to my umbrella to light the table and grill area in my back yard and this one mounted easily to my grill handle, the mount opens and closes rather large to accommodate all different size handles and articulates to shine at the needed angle. The ten LEDs are super bright and give you plenty of light. The button in the top can be operated by touch no need to press a button, so it is easily operated with even the back of a messy hand. I love the design and just how well this light works, and I think you would too.
Here is the link: #grilluminator

Review – CJS Dash Mate 


This vent clip cell phone holder is one of those devices that is so tiny and compact that it can be taken with you everywhere and works so well you just might want to. The spring action was strong and held my phone well, having rubber padding for grip, and the clip on the back had a nice design feature, a rubber cone divided twice, so that it has four fingers, but a wider gap between one side and the other so that it fits snugly on either a thin or thicker vent louvre. The clip also rotated but clicks in to place firmly in several spots as it dose so that it can be positioned in the correct orientation. 
The only negative in using this is that it depends greatly on what type of vents you have, and where they are located. In my vehicle the vents are really week, they almost fall as you try and move them and was worried they wouldn’t work, but I was happy to be wrong, the weight of the phone and clip did cause then to try and fall but my cell phone hit the dash and the entire thing held firm down my bumpy country roads.
It was nice having my phone visible while charging, but not on top of the dash clouding my view, or in my cup holder competing for space, but the biggest draw for me was how portable the clip is, it fits easily in a pocket so I wasn’t trying to carry a giant mount, my phone, my keys, and a drink all in together. I would highly recommend this, and If your vehicle accommodates it you’ll be glad you got it.

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Review – Silicon Devices COMFORT+ Bluetooth Earphones


Not very often do I receive an item that really blows me away or becomes something I find myself using every day, but these bluetooth headphones have literally become my only headphones, and not only that but I’ve found myself listening to allot more music and podcasts loving the fact that I can leave my phone on the charger while I listen. The battery lasts much longer than I expected as well, giving me several hours of listening time between charges.
I also love how they fit, the set comes with several different ear pieces but I found that the originals worked perfectly in my ear. It came with a nice carrying case that zips shut and has a mesh pocket to hold the extra ear pieces and charging cable. The only issue I had was the headset changing to Chinese, and me having to figure out how to switch it back to english (you hold the volume up and down buttons down simultaneously), that being said I love the voice prompts telling you that it is on, and connected to bluetooth. The button layout it nice and was easy to get used to. These are by far my favorite headphones I have ever owned. 
Here is the link: #SiliconDevices

Review – Running Armband for iPhone 5

Being able to keep your phone handy but away from danger is important, I would prefer to keep it on my upper arm but as a bigger guy that isn’t an option, but it dose fit well on my lower arm, and holds nicely. The quality on this armband was way higher the previous ones I’ve owned in the past, from the heavy duty stitching, to the quality material used it feels great on your arm.

The packaging was nice and my phone fit nicely and felt secure in my arm, I tried both a 4s and 5s and both fit well. The company put allot into this product, and I think I will get allot out of it. I am glad I got to give this a try and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality iPhone armband.  
Here is the link: #MuvUSA

Review – 3.4a Apple Certified Rapid Lightning Car Charger 


I’ve owned several iPhone chargers several have been really high quality so I can be picky about my chargers. I was really surprised about the quality built into these, you can tell the manufacturer put slot of thought and design into the product, and I was also happily surprised that it charged faster than my other chargers, I am really happy with this this charger and brand and think they make a great product. 

Here is the link: #CarCharger

Review – Strapsnapper Guitar Strap Holder


I have played guitar (poorly) for several years and have owned a few different straps, but have limited to them to mostly my electric guitars. I have used shoe strings and even elastic holders on my acoustic guitars but didn’t like either the way the felt or how they looked while installed.

Strapsnapper Guitar Strap Holder is such a beautiful and well designed product, not only is it built solidly with real leather and a heavy duty button, but it’s beautiful on my guitar as well, I love how easy it is to install. I was worried that my guitar might not hang in the wall with it installed but I was able to slide it up as I placed it on the hanger and it sits nicely. I also love the star design on the button, and the high quality leather they used, I am really happy with Strapsnapper and think they make a truly wonderful product. 
Here is the link: #strapsnake

Review – Sports Armband for iPhone 5/5s


Being able to keep your phone handy while doing things around the house is nice but you also run the risk of damaging your phone, keys in your pocket finding a way to scratch it or your case, it falls out of your front pocket, or you tend to bang it against something if it’s in a jacket pocket. I was glad to be able to hold my phone on my arm and out of the way, while still being able to revive calls with my bluetooth headphones. I’m a larger guy so it did not fit on my upper arm where I would have preferred it, but fit on my forearm nicely, and I was surprised that I actually liked it there and it didn’t slip.
My phone fit nicely and the opening is in the back and slides over the phone so no chance of it falling out, it also has a key holder if you want to go running and leave your bulky keying at home. All in all I am really happy to have been able to receive this product for testing and review and I would recommend giving it a try. 
Here is the link: #iphonearmband