Review – Maker Studio by ThinkFun

My son was super excited to see the kits when he got home, I received two, the Propellers Set, and Winches Set. The kits are wonderful containing all the plastic pieces required to build everything on the boxes after adding regular household items like boxes and water bottles. All the kits work together, so they can be combined to make even more things from your imagination. Me and my son had a blast doing both.
We started by building the Tow Truck from the winches set, the directions are very straight forward, and after only a few incorrect punches in the cardboard we had it figured out. I actually prefer that there isn’t exact measurements for several reasons, for one you can use several different size boxes (basically whatever you have available) and secondly it makes you work out any engineering problems that arise.

When building with the Propeller Set my son picked the plane, which was by far harder than the Tow Truck, but still very fun. I had my son come up with ideas for attaching the bottom wheels and let him figure out which one worked the best, he was very proud when they finally held strong. The kits are pretty ingenious, like a engineering problem in a box, and each having 4 different models and plans, as well as cards with challenges and tips make each of them give you hours of fun.

I am very glad to have received these for free in exchange for an unbiased review, and would highly recommend these to anyone. 

Here is the link to the winches set:

And the propeller set:

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